What You Should Know About Hiring Millennials In The Construction Industry

In the construction industry, it will very often be necessary to hire within the generation known as millennials: the ones who grew up being told they could do anything, with social media always by their sides–they’re from a different world than other generations, and they bring an entirely new perspective and attitude to the workplace. To properly choose the employees that you know will succeed, and to further motivate them, here’s what you should know about hiring millennials:They’re intrinsically motivated. This means that millennials care less about rewards than you may think: they want purpose, they want positive feedback, and they want to grow in their careers. This means you’ll need to be aware of your management; criticism should be constructive, and praise should be offered any time you see great work. For hiring, this means you should stress the opportunities for growth that are available, and if possible, offer a mentorship program. Flexibility in hours is difficult in construction, but if you can offer any, make sure it’s known in the hiring process, as millennials place importance on this, too.They’re idealistic. This means they may job hop until they find a situation that benefits them best for their goals. But it also means (and this is important) if they care about the job they have with you, they’ll want to make a difference in the workforce. You’ll want to show them how you’re contributing to the local area’s entire lifestyle–and as millennials can tend to be more in tune with technology, and less with labor, be sure to give them the time and flexibility to discover which role within your construction company may provide the best fit. You may even find that if you hire the right fit for your company, a truly motivated person, they’ll start finding ways to improve business you never thought of.They can tend to be individualistic. (Meaning, not team players–which is not always great news for the construction industry.) How do you find the millennial you can mold and fit to the team? For one, hire for skills rather than personality. If the millennial you hire is suited more to your construction opening, then they’ll be more likely to want to stick around and to fit with the team. That being said, millennials are motivated by great work and great people. Surround them by an appropriate team and with good mentorship, and you’ll find a vast difference in their growth with you.Hiring millennials will become increasingly important for you in the construction industry, so it’s very valuable to understand this generation’s needs and motivations. With the right approach, millennials with your construction company could make a wonderful difference and help your organization succeed.

Warning: Lack of Exercise Is Detrimental To Your Health

You just put in a good 10 hour day in front of your computer screen, and the last thing you want to do is exercise. Let’s see, exercise, and improve your fitness level, or sit down with a glass of wine and watch your favorite evening television show. What would you do?Seventy percent of individuals know they should exercise, but
choose the wine and the television program instead.Do you know this simple daily decision can end up being detrimental to your health? According to the USCDC, 54.1% of adults don’t do the minimum level of exercise or physical activity recommended for wellness. The slogan “use it or lose it” has never been more true.The simple innocent choice of not exercising has shown, in studies, to promote 10 serious health conditions you don’t ever want to develop. The bottom line is physical inactivity has a lot of unhealthy implications even at our bodies cellular level. At the cellular level, inactivity decreases
the ability to transfer oxygen from your blood stream to your cells, and also decreases the number of power activating mitochondria. However, the worst cost of not exercising or being physically active can result in the following 10 devastating conditions:1. CANCER – Studies have shown that fitness enthusiastic men and women who are physically active have a 30 to 40 percent lower risk of colon cancer compared to individuals who are inactive.2. DIABETES – Studies show lack of regular physical exercise increases insulin sensitivity. Diabetes is considered the “sedentary disease” which is striking people at an alarming rate. If it is not controlled, it can destroy the body’s organs.3. HEART – Lack of consistent physical activity, over time, decreases the function of the heart muscle, affects the blood vessels, including the large aortic artery to the veins and small capillaries. According to many studies, scientists have good reason to believe that regular exercise protects the
heart.4. STROKE – Regular exercisers are 25% less likely to have a stroke than their sedentary counterparts. Being fit lowers blood pressure, raises HDL cholesterol, and reduces the risk of blood clots.5. BRAIN – People who are physically active, according to solid evidence, are at lower risk for cognitive decline and dementia.6. MUSCLES – If you don’t exercise on a regular basis, you are at risk of losing some 6 percent of your muscles mass every decade of life from the age of 30 on. This also translates into a 10 – 15 percent loss of strength per decade. Once again, if you don’t use the muscle, you will lose the muscle quickly.7. OSTEOPOROSIS – Fragile bones cause more than 1.5 million fractures each year in the U.S. Bone is like muscle, if you stress it, it responds. If you don’t, you gradually lose its strength, and increase your chances of breaking them. Regular weekly strength training can help prevent osteoporosis, and decrease your chances of breaking a bone.8. MENTAL HEALTH – People who don’t exercise on a regular basis are more prone to develop depression. According to a recent study, people who were more active were nearly 20 percent less likely to be diagnosed with depression over the next five years than less active people. Fitness conscious individuals also generally display an improved self esteem, or self image.9. WEIGHT – If you are inactive, year in and year out, you will eventually gain weight and lose fitness which increases the chance of a heart attacks, and diabetes.10. IMMUNE SYSTEM – Moderate amounts of exercise reduces the
risk of upper respiratory infection. Regular exercise may boost
immune function.Now I would like to ask that same question I asked above. What
would you do? Wine and television, or physical activity?Now for the good news! In as little as 30 minutes of exercise or
fitness work each day, you can significantly decrease your chances of developing any of these horrible conditions mentioned above. This is the best “medicine” any doctor can possibly prescribe!I hope I have encouraged you to become more physically
active today, and beyond. Your quality of life depends upon
it. Consider these the most important words you will hear
today!Remember, you have a choice. Make the fitness choice.
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Fitness Party – A Fun and Healthy Trend

Birthdays, holidays, Thursdays… pretty much any excuse for a party is a good one. The latest trend is a healthy trend. In home parties (fitness parties) are not only good fun, but also a healthy as well. With several style options available, a certified fitness professional can come and provide health information, a workout, or other exercise related techniques at your next social event.It is very natural for each of us as humans to feel the need to socialize with others. The 2008 Gallup-Healthways Happiness-Stress Index poll showed, “The days of the year when the majority of American’s experience enjoyment/happiness also tend to be days that they report spending more time with friends and family.” The sad fact is that the vast majority of these social events are a distant cry from being considered a fitness party or even remotely healthful.With 85% of the US population having no ties to a fitness club of any kind, the quantity and more importantly quality of healthful information to the majority is often poor. The healthy trend of fitness parties may make a large impact in providing needed health, fitness, and wellness information and do so by taking advantage of the human need and enjoyment from socializing with friends.Benefits to the Fitness Party
As mentioned above, human enjoyment and happiness is affected positively through socializing with family and friends.
A fun social atmosphere encourages participation and opportunity to receive current, accurate, and relevant healthy information.
The economics of hiring a fitness professional for fitness party is an advantage for all. Many see the benefit in sharing the expense amongst a group while receiving similar information and direction when alone.
You control the scheduling and location of your home fitness party.
They provide excellent variety to your normal social events.
An automatic support group is created of your participating friends. Long term fitness habits are more likely to hold when supported by a group.
Many home party options exist for you to socialize with your friends. All have their varied benefits. If you are busy with work, family, and life in general; have not seen your girlfriends in quite some time; need to get a bit of a social life; and want something new the fitness party program may be ideal for you.Your feelings of happiness and joy will increase by being with friends and you will have a party that will not only be hard to forget, but one that you will want to remember and run again. Consider joining this healthy trend and rather than hosting a gathering that is centered around a particular product, food, or alcohol make it a healthy gathering.